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The beautiful castles of Japan - Part 2: The two Matsuyama castles


This time, we would like to introduce you to the two castles of Matsuyama. One of them is in Ehime prefecture (Iyo Matsuyama)... and the other one is in Okayama prefecture (Bi...

The beautiful castles of Japan - Part 1: The Matsumoto castle and the Inuyama castle


Throughout Japan, there are 12 of the so-called “existing” castle towers. The “existing” part refers to the time from when they were created (Edo era, 16...

Why are there so many deer in the city of Nara?


  Those who came to Japan for the first time and had a chance to see the beautiful city of Kyōto, probably also had the experience of Nara as well. Nara is a place where y...

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We also propose you several types of regional "Japan Rail Pass".

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