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Discover Japanese festivals, scenic territories, symbols of the culture, and Japanese quirks...

Discover the wild territory of the old japanese trappers "Matagi" of Shirakami (Aomori)


  Crossing Akita and Aomori prefecture located in northern Japan, the great mountain range of Shirakami-Sanchi is one of the wildest places in entire Japan. However it is p...

The train whistles in the Japanese countryside


  Japan is the land of trains, having one of the fastest in the world, but also keeping its beautiful old models. We immediately feel under the spell of the beautiful green...

Iriomote-jima: Japan paradise in the extreme south of Okinawa


  In Japan, you could choose all kinds of various destinations. Some people rather the snow-capped mountains and plains of Hokkaido in winter, some other the lively big cit...

Diverse types of JR Pass

We also propose you several types of regional "Japan Rail Pass".

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