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Discover Japanese festivals, scenic territories, symbols of the culture, and Japanese quirks...

Mt. Mitake and the Okutama area


  In Japan, all public transportation is as punctual as a clock. Trains always run on time and the rail network is large - so large that you can even reach some of the secr...

Relaxing your mind and body at the Japanese hot springs


  From the 6th century onwards, Buddhist monks of Japan have used hot springs (onsen) to purify the mind and heal the body. During the Edo period of Japan, in the 18th cent...

Enjoying the springtime blossoms of Hokkaidō


  Hokkaidō is well-known for its cold winters and landscapes covered in deep snow, but did you know that the northern island of Hokkaidō bursts into many colors in the spri...

Diverse types of JR Pass

We also propose you several types of regional "Japan Rail Pass".

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