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Discover Japanese festivals, scenic territories, symbols of the culture, and Japanese quirks...

The great peninsula of Noto and the Wajima area


  At the extreme ouest of Japan, in Ishikawa prefecture, extend for kilometers the largest peninsula in the country, the Noto peninsula. Far from crowded places, the Wajima...

Biei: Fantastic Inland of Hokkaido


  In Japanese, the word BI (美) means beauty and EI (瑛), crystal. The area of Biei, located in the center of the big island of Hokkaido, deserves its beautiful name. Locat...

Yamadera: The ancient temple on the mountain


  Yamagata prefecture is located about 400 kilometers north of Tokyo. This is a wide agricultural region known for its beautiful rice fields sceneries that extend into the ...

Diverse types of JR Pass

We also propose you several types of regional "Japan Rail Pass".

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