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Discover Japanese festivals, scenic territories, symbols of the culture, and Japanese quirks...

The Mediterranean atmosphere of Yokosuka - Part 2


After the feast at the Japanese-style inn, we've decided to head on to explore some more. We came across a plantation of... strawberries? It wasn't as evident at first so we mo...

The Mediterranean atmosphere of Yokosuka - Part 1


Are you familiar with the Mediterranean climate? Southern and Southeastern Europe are well known for their endless rows of olive trees, rocky but lush pine tree coasts, col...

The beautiful castles of Japan - Part 2: The two Matsuyama castles


 This time, we would like to introduce you to the two castles of Matsuyama. One of them is in Ehime prefecture (Iyo Matsuyama)... and the other one is in Okayama prefectu...

Diverse types of JR Pass

We also propose you several types of regional "Japan Rail Pass".

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