Japan Rail Pass - Train in Japan

Terms and Conditions

    0. What is a JR Pass?


    A Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) is a personal document provided by Japan Railways allowing unlimited travel in Japan during a certain validity period, mainly by train/shinkansen but also sometimes by bus or ferry.

    There is a JR national pass and 5 regional ones: "Hokkaido", "Kansai", "Kyushu (full)", "Kyushu (North)" and "Sanyo". The national pass is the most cost efficient but regional passes are cheaper.

    Please Note

    The JR Pass can not be bought in Japan.

    1. Who can use a Japan Rail Pass?

    Case 1: Non-Japanese Tourists

    Any foreigner whose passport would be referred to as a "temporary visitor" (valid for a 90 day period) by the immigration service of Japan.

    Case 2: Japanese Nationals Living Abroad


    JR PASS NATIONAL: Any Japanese national with permanent residence outside of Japan or any Japanese national married to a non-Japanese national whose residence is outside of Japan.

    JR PASS HOKKAIDO: Sale/use forbidden. Only foreign tourists can use the JR Pass Hokkaido (condition by the Japan Railways Group).

    JR PASS KANSAI: Sale/use forbidden. Only foreign tourists can use the JR Pass Kansai (condition by the Japan Railways Group).

    JR PASS KYUSHU (integral or North): Japanese persons "permanent resident of any country other than Japan" can use the JR Pass Kyushu (condition by the Japan Railways Group).

    JR PASS SANYO: Sale/use forbidden. Only foreign tourists can use the JR Pass Sanyo (condition by the Japan Railways Group).

    2. How to order?


    You can order the JR Pass on our site at any time by specifying which type and duration you prefer. Options sometimes include class (first class "Green" or second class "Ordinary").Entry of the date of birth for children aged 6-11 is required in order to receive the half-price deal.

    Please note

    Children up to 5 years of age travel free on Japan Railways. Children between the ages of 6 to 11 travel for half the fee of an adult.

    3. How to pay?


    After completing your order, you can pay by bank transfer or by credit card securely on our site.

    Cards We Accept

    We accept VISA, MasterCard and Maestro. We also accept bank cards Bancontact and Mister Cash (Belgium), iDEAL (Netherlands) and Giropay (Germany).

    4. How to get the voucher?


    We will send your vouchers by the method of your choice: mail (Belgium only), FedEx Economic (Europe: 3-4 days *; other: 4-6 days *) or FedEx Priority (Europe: 1 day *; other: 1-4 days *). In the event of an emergency, we will normally ship the order on either the same day or the next business day.

    You can also withdraw your vouchers directly from our office in Brussels free, by appointment.

    * For informational purposes.

    Please Note

    Vouchers can not be issued more than three months before the expected date of arrival in Japan. We accept earlier orders but the means of transfer differ accordingly.

    5. How to receive and use the JR Pass?


    You will receive your JR Pass by presenting your voucher and your passport upon arrival in Japan at one of the many authorized JR offices.

    If you land at Kansai airport (Kyoto / Osaka), Chitose (Sapporo), Haneda or Narita (Tokyo), you will be able to find an exchange office for your JR Pass on location.

    For more information, see "Stations with an exchange office" on the JR group website.


    All passengers must present their passport with the JR Pass to the controller in the land of the rising sun.

    With your JR Pass, you can book seats on different trains by visiting specific ticket desks. For more information, see "How to reserve a seat?" on the JR group website.

    6. In case of cancellation, loss or theft


    Any voucher not used will be refunded less a cancellation fee of 10% of its original value within the time period of 1 year to the date of issue.

    In case of loss or theft

    Please note! In case of loss or theft, neither the voucher nor the JR Pass will be replaced.

    Our travel agency will be closed : 14th December and from 31st December 2018 to 2nd January 2019. Thank you for your understanding.